About Maria Center, Real Estate Exam Tutor

Are you looking for a real estate exam tutor to help you pass the real estate exam? You've come to the right place!

I’ve found that real estate students struggle most with “decoding” the exam questions. Students often ask for help understanding exactly what the question is asking. They also want to know how to apply the vocabulary they are learning.

My teaching style is conversational – I believe in breaking down the question components, so you understand not just which answer is right, but why. The key to passing the exam is understanding the materials in a way that you can relate to and remember, and our tutoring session will focus on this learning goal.

I’ve worked with students from more than 23 states to help them prepare for their real estate exam, and students always tell me they feel like they are the only one who is struggling to feel confident about the exam. Of course, the truth is they are not alone in those feelings! I'm here to help you build confidence and ace your exam!

I currently work as the Principal Broker at Nestiny Realty in Cincinnati, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia. I’m a licensed real estate broker in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Alabama and a licensed real estate instructor in Florida. I look forward to helping you prep for success!

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FAQ About Tutoring

How do the Sessions work?

Sessions are held on Zoom. Each session is 1 hour long and is $75 per session. 

Some students come with specific questions they are struggling with and want to review, others prefer to cover frequently missed concepts in the area that they are struggling with. Students frequently seek help developing a study plan that will be effective to help them pass their real estate exam. Come as you are or come with a list of questions- whichever is best for you!

Where do We Meet?

All real estate exam tutoring sessions with Maria Center are held on Zoom. When you've scheduled using the calendar below, you'll receive a zoom link that will allow us to meet at the date and time you selected! 

how many sessions do I need?

It's entirely up to you! Some students meet with me once to cover the topics that are concerning them. Others book multiple sessions to have a very personalized study experience. 

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Real Estate Exam Tutoring Student

Maria is fantastic. She goes well beyond the requirements to help students.


Real Estate Exam Tutoring Student

Awesome tutor session! Maria is the real deal!


Real Estate Exam Tutoring Student

I really don’t think I could’ve passed the exam just taking the real estate course. Maria really was a big part of me passing. I totally needed exactly what she provides in her tutoring sessions. The way she explained concepts and her tricks to remember things was way better than my instructor. Thanks Maria.. could not have made it without you.


Real Estate Exam Tutoring Student

Maria is excellent! She is super informative and explains the material very well. My sessions with Maria are very productive!!

Maria has been a wonderful tutor! She is very thorough in explaining all the material and making sure that I was able to understand. Our time was always very productive!! Maria has a great energy and I always looked forward to our sessions!!


Real Estate Exam Tutoring Student

Good energy, ready for more! She's great! wanted to keep going!


Real Estate Exam Tutoring Student

Maria was very helpful and broke down the information. Easy to communicate with and understand.