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Study the "National" Portion

Regardless of where you are taking your real estate exam and what state you are testing for, these basic concepts are vital and are things you need to know to prepare.

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Study Your State Portion

Find your state below and check out the materials and quizzes you will need to prepare for the state specific portion of your exam.

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Become a Part of the Community

Join in on our Monday Meetup group study sessions. Can't join live? Don't worry I record them and you can always tune in later!

The quiz below has a question pool of over 950 questions. Take it as many times as you like and experience a new set of practice questions each time!

General Practice Test

General Practice Test

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Casey's shoreline is getting larger. This is due to the addition of soil that has eroded from other shorelines upstream. This is called:

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A lender charges 3.25 discount points to allow the borrower to buy down the rate to 4%. What will the borrower pay for discount points on a sale of $218,000 with a LTV of 90%?

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Katherine recently sold her house and received a check for $125,000.00 after paying $3,000 of closing costs and a 5% commission. Based on the information provided, the gross sales price of Katherine’s house was:

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Kim's property is not listed with any brokerage. She has decided to try to sell her home herself. However, she runs an ad in the newspaper offering to pay 3 % commission to any buyer's broker whose buyer client purchases the property. Which type of listing agreement would this be considered?

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When using the income approach to appraisal, which of the following expenses is not deducted to obtain net income?

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In antitrust law, when the seller conditions the sale of one product or service on the purchase of another product or service this is called a:

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Noah purchased a property for $320,000. Two years later, he sold the property for $395,000 and paid a broker’s commission of 5%. Noah’s rate of profit after paying the commission was:

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The person who gives a deed is called the:

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The difference between fraud and misrepresentation is:

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_______ is used as a permitting system to keep new development from harming existing residents or businesses.

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Julia owns a pizza shop in a rented commercial space. She attaches a pizza oven in the kitchen for use in her business. The pizza oven would be known as a

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The local zoning ordinances call for all properties in a residential neighborhood to be built at least 30 feet from the roadfront. This is known as:

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James is teaching his students about the term "caveat emptor" - what does this term mean?

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The city of Dayton has enacted land-use controls. This is an example of:

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Ned ordered an appraisal on his home. It was completed on December 12 and the appraiser wrote on the report that the value was only valid for that day. This is because of the

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An agent's principal is also referred to as the agent's

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Beverly is the listing broker of a cape cod property near the beach that is receiving lots of attention. She has received two offers at the same time. What should she do?

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The performance of a contractual duty, as ordered in cases where damages would not be adequate remedy, is known as

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Which of the following is not a protected class of the Federal Fair Housing Law of 1968?

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A trade fixture is:

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A handicapped tenant is permitted to build a wheelchair ramp at a rental property. When a modification such as this is made, who pays for it?

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Which of the following is considered real property?

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A bank has foreclosed on a property and now owns it. This property is known as REO which stands for:

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Which of the following does not represent an exception to "first to record, first in right"?

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Caitlyn gave the buyer of her property a __________ deed. Caitlyn only warranted the property against problems or encumbrances in the property title that occurred during the period of her physical ownership.

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In the government survey method, how many acres are there in a section of a township?

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Which of the following deed forms may convey no ownership rights at all?

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Laws which regulate the types of activity that may be undertaken in different areas of a community are called:

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A property maintains a higher value , when it is located _________________, according to the principle of conformity.

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What is errors and omissions insurance?

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Karla owns a lot that is specified as part of a larger tract. What is this called?

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Virginia has had some credit problems in the past but has been working diligently on her credit recently. Her score is increasing. Her lender is less worried about her risk of default because she is making:

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Frank is a farmer and he needs water to water his cows. He has a legal right to take water from a stream so his cows don't go thirsty. What is this right called?

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An agent looks out the rear window of the condo she is showing her client and exclaims, "I believe this condo has the best view in all of Nashville!" This is known as:

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A borrower pays $1000 in discount points for a $100,000 loan. How many points are paid?


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A permit obtained from the local zoning authority allowing the holder to use property or build a structure in a way that violates the zoning ordinance is called a:

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The promise to pay used in a mortgage transaction is the:

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Jenny is a general agent. Her job title is most likely:

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Who might ask an appraiser to use the income approach to value a 100 unit apartment building?

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Which of the following is not a type of legal description:

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The definition of market value is

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The Car Care Company is moving to a city, constructing new office space, and creating 200 new jobs. The city council in the area has voted to reduce the tax assessment rate for the company to entice them to complete this move. What is this known as?

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The substitution of a new contract, which terminates and replaces an existing contract, is called:

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In order for a listing contract to be valid, it must be

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A lease that provides the tenant with the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the leased property at a specified price within a specified period of time is a

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A buyer is considering purchasing an interest in a time share. This timeshare involves purchasing shares of stock in a corporation that owns the vacation property and the buyer will receive a proprietary lease. What is this type of timeshare called?

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Sam lives in a building in which he has a proprietary lease on his unit. Sam lives in a:

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The process by which unauthorized possession and use of another’s property can turn into ownership of that other’s property without the owner being paid for it is:

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John built a fence around his property without having a survey completed in advance. Later it was found that his fence crossed over the property line and a portion of it was in his neighbor's yard. This is called a/an:

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Typically passed by a city or village council, these laws are called:

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National Review

Get Ready for the National Portion

Everyone, regardless of the state in which they are testing, needs to know the basics of real estate to prepare for their exam. Below you will find videos, tutorials and practice tests on the topics you need to know. Once you've mastered these, head over to the state specific questions you'll need to know for the rest of your exam. 

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Every week I host a group study session. Bring your questions, concerns or just listen in while I review the topics that will help you prepare for your real estate exam!

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Taking the real estate exam can be a stressful experience. Even though it has been 20 years since I took my first real estate exam in Ohio for the salesperson license, I still remember feeling like there was an overwhelming amount of material covered in such a short time!

The resources on my site will help you strengthen your knowledge and feel confident when you walk into the testing center. Getting a real estate license was one of the most rewarding decisions I've made in my life, and I hope you will love your real estate career as much as I have mine.

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If you ever need help with the exam prep materials and need to reach me, click here to contact me.

In addition to exam prep materials, I am also available for private tutoring. If you'd like to schedule a session, you can book a session here.